Organic Farming

Improving the environment and livelyhoods

“Shamba darasa means demonstration farm”

Demonstration fields

The farm (shamba) has different demonstration fields. On each field a combination of different crops is grown. We calculate the economic viability for each field based on the needed inputs and realised harvest. This information is used to convince other farmers to adopt our farming practices.

What have we done so far?

  • planted 3.000 trees along perimeter of farm
  • Planted 6.000 trees on 3 acres
  • Demonstration field 1: 6.000 banana trees - 700 vanilla vines - 700 papaya trees - 650 timber trees
  • 4 greenhouses of 14 x 30 meter to grow vegetables and herbs
  • 23 cows and 1000 - 3000 chicken for soil improvement, manure and eating of insects
  • A borehole for irrigation
  • Solar energy system to power the farm

Our ambitions

and how you can help

3 new demonstration fields

With 3 additional demonstration fields we are able to proof and show new mixed-crop agriculture options. This helps us provide solutions for farmers in various locations and circumstances.

We wish to setup fields with avocado, chili, herbs, apples, citrus fruit. We also want to test the use of bougainville as a natural barrier which at the same time attracts bees and other insects.

Each field requires an investment of € 7.000

Develop 5 acre organic farm fields at 10 surrounding farms

We are sure that we can convince farmers to transform their farming practices once they have seen the results of organic farming. We ask farmers to start with 0,5 acre. On these fields we show and learn them the advantages of organic farming.

The initial investment of € 5.000 is done from a revolving fund. This investment flows back to this fund from the revenues generated at the fields. This mechanism ensures that we can continue to expand without the need for new funds.