Green communities

Improving the community environment by planting trees

Bring back trees

The Kilimanjaro region in Tanzania used to be very green. Cutting of trees for domestic use and agriculture changed the landscape completely. In 2019 the Tanzanian government forbid the further cutting of trees and introduced the obligation for all citizens to contribute to community activities.

Building on our experience with a large tree planting campaign in 2018, we are on a mission to bring back thousands of trees along roads, river banks and community land. We have the approval of the local authorities to start planting with the help of the community members who will also take care of the newly planted trees.


Trees planted


We aim to plant 2.000 to 3.000 trees per month. The locations have been approved by the local authorities and the community elders expressed the commitment on behalf of the community members in the planting of the trees and taking care of them.

  • 10 trees
    30 Euro
    The planting of 10 trees within a community project
  • 40 Trees
    120 Euro
    The planting of 25 trees within a community project
  • 100 trees
    300 Euro
    The planting of 100 trees within a community project
  • 1000 trees
    3.000 Euro
    The planting of 1000 trees within a community project